Easy Asian Cookbook: 100+ Takeout Favorites Made Simple

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100+ Asian dishes so tasty and easy, you’ll never need takeout again

Your favorite Asian-American restaurants combine traditional cooking styles with everyday supermarket ingredients. Now you can recreate their popular signature dishes at home with the Easy Asian Cookbook. It’s packed with more than 100 simple, flavorful recipes for stir-fries, curries, noodles, bowls, and more. Many take just a few steps—and can be on the table in 30 minutes or less.

Let the Easy Asian Cookbook be your guide as you explore the Asian roots and American innovations behind your favorite dishes and learn their essential cooking techniques. Dig into recipes from Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, and other wildly flavorful cuisines. With so much variety to choose from in this inclusive Asian cookbook, you can skip the takeout tonight!

The Easy Asian Cookbook includes:

  • 100+ authentic classics—Cook up restaurant staples like Pad Thai with Tofu, Honey Walnut Shrimp, Teriyaki Chicken, Sweet and Spicy Korean Short Ribs, Chicken Adobo, Garlic Bok Choy, Tuna Poke Bowls, and many more.
  • Perfect choices—Recipes in this Asian cookbook are indexed by country of origin, and handy labels help you find the dietary preferences you need—along with features like “one pot” or “faster than delivery.”
  • Menus to share—Dig into themed menus—or create your own with a variety of vegetable, meat, seafood, breakfast, and even dessert dishes for any occasion.

Savor a delicious Asian meal made in your own kitchen with the Easy Asian Cookbook!